Health Coaching

As a PreKure Certified Health Coach, I support and guide people in making food, behaviour and lifestyle changes to improve their health and wellbeing.

What is Health Coaching?

Health coaches use their knowledge of health, wellness, behaviour and motivation to bring about sustainable behavioural change by helping clients to set and attain their specific health goals.

In order to make sustainable change, you need to identify why you want to change in the first place. Not the superficial reason, but the deep emotional reason that you want to change.

A health coach is curious. They will listen to your story with no judgement, discover what is going on at a deeper level to help you to understand the why behind your health goals. Together, a health coach and client will get to the root of the problem and customise an action plan that is aligned with the client’s goals.

Health coaches believe that in order for you to live your best life and thrive, all pillars of your health need to be in alignment. Nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep and connection. If you are struggling in one of these areas it is likely to impact the others. We therefore take a holistic approach to you as an individual and assess your life in all these areas.

A health coach will support you to follow through on the goals you set, be your personal cheerleader and provide accountability. We encourage you to prioritise your health in small achievable steps, working towards your ultimate health goal.

A health coach bases their coaching on evidence-based practice. We help you to understand the science behind your current habits and behaviours and how to most effectively change these to form positive new habits. We are a source of information if it is required and your catalyst and motivator for change.

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Who can benefit from a health coach?
  • People at all stages of their health journey
  • You want to make a healthy change but don’t know where to begin
  • You want to optimise your energy
  • You have followed the dietary guidelines but are still putting on weight
  • You have never been able to stick to a diet
  • You spend hours exercising or at the gym but still can’t lose weight
  • You need motivation to prioritise your health
  • You are overwhelmed by all the different opinions that are out there
  • You want to be a good role model for your children in regards to your health
  • Old habits are holding you back and you want help to create new productive habits
  • You want support and accountability through the process of making change
How can I help you?

I believe that simply eating real food is where wellness begins.

If you are struggling with your health or feel like you are on a constant seesaw of diets and weight loss, it is time to look at your nutrition and lifestyle habits and where we can possibly make some positive change.

It’s not as simple as being given a list of foods to eat or a meal plan. We need to also work through those food habits, mindsets and barriers that are holding you back. Only then can we make real sustainable changes and get you reaching your health goals.

I encourage a real food approach to nutrition in the form of a Low Carb, Healthy Fat (LCHF) template, which gets us back to eating how our ancestors did. I support you in navigating this approach while also looking at mindset and other factors in your life that might be impacting your health.

Simply Real Food Health Coaching can help you achieve:
  • Weight loss – achieve your ideal body composition
  • Healthier eating habits
  • Overcome emotional eating
  • Improve satiety so you are not hungry all the time
  • Reduced food cravings
  • Avoid the afternoon slump
  • Improved overall health and life balance
  • Starting an exercise program and getting fit
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • Improved mood
  • Manage stress
  • Better sleep quality
  • Improved brain function and mental health
  • Improve chronic pain and inflammation
  • Improve blood glucose control and insulin resistance (associated with Type 2 Diabetes)
  • Decreased occurrence of migraine 
  • Decrease occurrence of gout


In 2020 I was keen to establish healthy eating habits that were sustainable for life. I was also keen to drop a few kilo’s. I approached Susie from Simply Real Foods to assist me.

Susie is amazing. As a Health Coach she is professional and doesn’t bring a “one size fits all” approach. At the outset she seeks to understand your individual goals and work with you to achieve these. This is contrary to many other health and wellness programmes that offer a “quick fix generic approach”.

Susie’s approach is holistic. She takes into account personal sleeping, eating and exercise habits and acknowledges competing responsibilities. Her knowledge is extensive from, recommending brands of food to imparting information regarding food composition and developing exercise regimes that are not daunting.

I have found freedom in working with Susie. She has allowed me to experiment to see what works for me. There is so so much more I could say but 10 weeks down the track, I have not only dropped kilo’s and centimeters but more importantly I feel my approach to food and exercise has changed so much for the better. I now congratulate myself on going for a walk as much as a jog and have a much greater understanding of the best foods to fuel my body. I am continuing to love the journey and with time look forward to gaining even greater knowledge.

Susie has imparted me with a gift for life – a greater understanding of essential elements that will lead to greater health!! I couldn’t be more grateful.

Mont Albert North


I recently completed the Simply Real Food 12 Week Program.

I highly recommend working with Susie! Susie is extremely knowledgeable, professional, helpful and a great listener. I wanted to improve my diet and feel more energetic. Susie helped me set food and health goals, and provided realistic strategies for meeting those goals day to day. Susie provided me with lots of easy and delicious LCHF recipes that the whole family enjoyed. 12 weeks on and I’ve lost weight and feel great.

Mont Albert North


I wish I had Susie and an SRF program 10 years ago! I have found the program easy for me and my family to adapt and change what we eat from our revamped pantry and fridge. The recipes and advice over my 8 week program were so useful in helping me to make the necessary changes and I have loved these changes…not feeling hungry has been a huge bonus! I realise I had spent most of my life exercising furiously to not put on weight and now I don’t have that stress and I feel fantastic. Thanks Susie.

Mont Albert North


Thank you for helping me to get where I am today. I’m so happy with the changes I’ve made. 

My initial goal was to change some bad food habits. I’ve not only done this but also achieved a secondary goal of losing weight. I’ve lost just over 7kg and I can feel the difference in my body, my movements and my mood. I’m sleeping better too. 

I like the accountability I feel to continue on this path and love that Susie is not judgemental in any way. Each catch up with Susie has spurred me on to go a little further and the results are helping me stay on track.

Chelsea Heights


I would highly recommend Simply Real Food as a sensible and achievable weight loss/healthy eating plan.

The money spent on the 8 week program was more than comparable to buying food to be delivered and you had the benefit of Susie’s guidance throughout. I wanted a system that would allow me to continue without having to buy special meals, count calories etc.

The results have been amazing ( 8 kg weight loss so far) and I have continued beyond the 8 weeks and will continue the program ongoing. I am sleeping better and don’t suffer from as much stress as before. My energy levels have also increased.

In honesty the program can be a little tough to start so go in with a determination to get the results and it will ease as the weeks go. Susie is a great motivator but you need to be in the right “mindset” too. Give it a go and you won’t be disappointed.

Box Hill


The 8 week program has been amazing. I chose to do it to improve my health (fatigue) and for weight loss (decrease visceral and subcutaneous fat and fit better into my clothes). I only had 5kg to lose, so far I have lost 3kg. I am no longer bloated and rarely feel hungry.

Susie is a fantastic coach. Her support, encouragement and guidance made the experience effortless. Highly recommend. 

Jo Ann
Box Hill North


I found the 12 week Simply Real Food Program to be of great benefit. I am eating better, have more energy and I lost weight. The program really provides insights into a healthier diet and lifestyle and I would highly recommend it.


Simply Real Food
Where Wellness Begins

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